Scissor Lift Table

hydraulic scissor lifts, lift table hydraulic hydraulic scissor lift the lifting capacity of the hydraulic lift table is large, which has a lifting height of more than 12 meters.
Hydraulic scissor lifts, the lifting capacity is large table, the lifting height is more than 12 meters.


what is a fixed cargo scissor lift?

Scissor lift is a kind of light vehicle, between the platform and the car has a lifting tool, internal to transport goods. Scissor lift different with an ordinary cargo platform, according to the use of different power consumption, ride height of the different. Scissor lift with high safety coefficient, high lifting capacity for goods, flexible movement. It is widely used in a factory buildings, warehouse storage and transportation operations.
Scissor lifts are commonly used with electric power or gasoline engine as their source of power, which is able to carry out electric control. Vehicle head and platform can be freely back and forth to meet different requirements of goods in loading and unloading.
Shand Foru has been developing and producing scissor lifts since 1983. Shand Foru is the leading hydraulic scissor lift manufacturer in China.

Additional information

Loading Capacity


Platform Size


Platform Height


Power Supply

110v, 220v, 380v, 230v, 415v,customize


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