3 way pallet stacker

MC Series 1.0-1.5T 3-way pallet stacker (Stand-on Driving type)

3-way stacking function: forks can rotate 180° and do left-right side shift without body turning.

The 3-way pallet stacker is the first choice of intensive storage, which is mainly used in logistics, medicine, food and low-temperature cold storage.

● Stacking in ultra-narrow roadways and high shelf design;

● Horizontal handling;

Download: Specification-MC15



3-way Pallet Stacker

Main Features:

1.3-way pallet stacker forks can rotate 180°and do left-right side shift without body turning, with high strength mast design. Min. net channel: 1500mm; Max.   lifting height: 9000m. The 3-way pallet stacker can improve space utilization and increase storage capacity.

2.Advanced Curtis controller and more stable, safer whole-AC system for high efficiency, energy conservation, and environmental protection.

3.Maintenance-free whole-AC driving system for quick and accurate reaction. Maintenance-free motor, with long service life and low noise and low maintenance cost.

4.Standard electric power steering is safe and reliable, with the easy and comfortable operation.

5.Large section mast structure design to ensure the rigidity of mast and improve loading performances, which is very suitable for high shelf storage.

6.Imported hydraulic parts for the stable and reliable hydraulic system.

7.Side pull-type battery for convenient charging and maintenance.

● Load/unload cargos.

Additional information

Loading Capacity

1.5ton, 1ton

Lifting Height



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