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Towable Boom Lift
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Towable Boom Lift

How to use towing boom lift?
TBL16 towable boom lift is one kind of hydraulic scissor lift which is designed for construction site and we can also transport it with trailer. If you want to use lifting platform, you need to take a forklift to pull it. And then we will see the main thing is how to use this towable Boom Lift.
How is TBL-14 powered ?
TBL-14 boom lift is a hydraulic Towable Boom Lift, it is powered by hydraulic system, AC system and motor.
The truck can be pulled by the Forklift or third party transportation equipment to use the scissor lift or you can walk on the platform with steps to control the height.

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3ton diesel forklift truck

3ton diesel forklift truck is mainly used in factory, warehouse, workshop, logistics, port and mine. It is widely used for material handling. The powerful engine

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About us
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About Shandong Foru Tech Co., Ltd.

Shandong foru tech co., ltd. is a good company in Jinan of China, locates in a beautiful place called Spring City.

rial work platform, AWP, scissor lift, boom lift, wheelchair lift, and so on. Perpetually self-innovated and improved the technology of our products from the first one to the present. Goods are sold to many countries, all clients are very satisfied with us!

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Wheelchair Lift
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How to Get a Wheelchair Lift

The amount of wheelchair users is increasing annually. To solve the inconvenience of wheelchair and vertical stair, we designed the wheelchair lift. Compared with manual lifting, using the wheelchair lift to raise the wheelchair is more convenient.
The wheelchair lift can be used in home, school, hospital, shopping mall and other places where people are.

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Scissor Lift
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Electric Scissor Lift

How to operate an electric scissor lift? Here we share you the video about how to operate an electric scissor lift.
To ensure the scissor lift features with safe and efficient, you should pay attention to the safety measures when operating it.
First I will show you how to use joystick to control the boom of the scissor lift.
When you are on the ground, raise the scissor lift slowly until it’s at your desired position.
Then push the split out button on the joystick. The lifting arm will fully extend and the platform will become level with the ground.

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